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The AcoustiSonde™ Series 3000 Downhole Probe is an advanced acoustic logging tool for the analysis and interpretation of down well conditions. The probe is designed to have a flat frequency response (typically 3dB) across its design range of 100Hz to 10KHz and features a low impedence push-pull line driver and a gain choice of 100 or 1000 (fixed or automatic).

  • Offered in several configurations
  • Compatible with most surface logging systems
  • Rated for high temperature and high pressure use
  • Easy to service and maintain
  • Uses standard Go rope socket
  • (For additional information please see downloads)


LINEAR MEASUREMENTS, INC. was established in 1986 as a California Corporation to manufacture the AcoustiSonde™ RMS Noise Logging System. Envisioned as a tool to assist well engineers in the analysis and interpretation of down well conditions, the AcoustiSonde™ system was developed by former U.S. Navy scientists and engineers and based upon extensive experience, studies and research in fluid acoustics and related sensors, included extensive testing at the U.S. Navy’s Underwater Transducer Test Facility. Since its introduction, the Series 3000 AcoustiSonde™ “noise tool” has gained a worldwide reputation and acceptance based upon its quality of manufacture, stable design architecture, durability in use, and consistency of results. It is these qualities that have facilitated the transition of the Series 3000 AcoustiSonde™ probe from part of a stand-alone system to an integral component of today’s modern sophisticated digital and combined sensor production logging data acquisition systems.

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